Thursday, August 28, 2008

It has been a while

It really has been some time since I have communicated my daily activities. Anyway I am quite good and so is my partner.

During the last few weeks we have been learning a 2 new Folklore dances. One of them has been going pretty well and consistent. The other just OK.

As for me I was away 3 weeks ago. I went away for a day. I brought my bike with me on the Ferry and as such I rode around the town all day. I quite liked it, very relaxing it was. I ate this dish called dolma, it consited of a vegetable salad, medium friend egg, stake with bacon fried on top, white beans and a glass of wine: The food was very sumptous. Met some people in the town, the people were very friendly, warm and full of life.

We were away two weeks ago, we went to province within a central American country. We had a great weekend: We did tour of the town on foot. We ate meals with friends and family. It was extremely relaxing. the B&B that we stayed was very pleasant, clean, sufficiently functional. We ate empanadas and parilla while we were there on separate occasions, both were quite delectable. We had really enjoyed it. We slept very late in the B&B , made beautiful love and engulfed ourselves in the Olympic Games, especially the field events. There were some outstanding athletes this year.

Since the two weeks ago our relationship has altered somewhat. I am not too interested in sex. I know why but am timid to face up to it.

Anyway so far this week I have been pretty ok and Mark the same. Last night I cooked lentils with carrot,sweet pepper, chilli pepper, peeled tomato, chorizo.Mark enjoyed it it immensely.

As for today, I studied a for about 2hours, then I went to work and here I am writing my blog. Got to go now, talk tomorrow.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

It has been quite a while

Its been quite a while since I have written about my beautiful life. It has been six long days. Everything has been going fairly well.

Myself and my partner are still kept busy and excited through daily communications of our daily experiences, he is an engineer, very smart and handsome man and I am involved in education. Its interesting. We always have different experiences and most times enjoy sharing them with each other.
Last weekend was very different and energetic for both of us. We went jogging on Saturday morning. must say I really enjoyed it a lot. The feeling after running was beautiful. We then had lunch, then I stayed in the apartment in which I read a book until I fell asleep. I slept for about two hours, then I woke it was then time to go out in the night. We went to this eastern European restaurant at which there was a belly dancer, quite a dark, pleasant, medium framed individual (presumably from eastern Europe, aha hah). Anyway she danced pretty well, it was very entertaining. We enjoyed both show and meal, in fact the meal was delicious rich. I ate this dish called 'dogma'.

On Sunday we went to fair, in which there was a live concert and the music was breathtaking and soulful. The food was mouth watering and sumptuous. Well be basically spent the day there. It was fun, had a great time. Got home at about 12am, went to bed at about 2am.

Then the week started, it was Monday morning I was late for work: my self and Mark slept through the alarm. Anyway went to work, work was pleasant as usual. I had a good day. however I was extremely tired towards the end of day.Of course Mark did not take too kind to me whining about how I felt tired, so we had bit of a tiff. But that happens, we made up the following evening.

Tuesday was a good day at work as well. In the evening we went out for a pizza. It was lovely we went this restaurant / theater we had always wanted to go to but we were always busy. The pizza was delectable.

On Wednesday, I did not go to work: I spent a few hours on the internet then I went out to bit of window shopping and some research on how create one's own company

As for today. Pretty much went well, I was delayed for work ,however, every thing went well after I had arrived and begun working. I arrived home about 2hrs ago. I decided to make dinner. I am cooking taglatteli with a sauce I made from tomato, peppers, herbs, spring onions. Mark has not arrived home, hopely by hte time he arrives the dinner will be finished.

Anyway I have to continue cooking now so.. Talk later

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Weather is Improving

The week started out being just OK. It rained all day on Monday. I libido was at peak however, Mark seemed to have thought that I must let me wait until he is ready good and ready. Of cousre I told him to continue that behavior.
On Monday evening we went to visit a family friend who was traveling on Wednesday. The friends we went to see were quite courteous and pleasant. I was telling the lady about an experience of a friend of mine, in the middle of my story, it became a real challenge to utter or find words to speak. However, its a real task to speak an different idioma at that time of the day. Anyway we arrived home at avbout 12am and we went straight to bed.

On tuesday the weather was much bettere than Monday's. Tuesday went quite well. Went to work and then we went to a contemporay theatre. It wa sa spectacular one. We got home at about 1am. Ofcousre MArk thought it was the ideal time to make love, that is when I am tired and half sleeping. I think he likes making love to me when I am sleeping , maybe it gives him some sort of control.

Its wednesday morning, and MArk has to go for an interview. Of cousre he cant find his interview garb so he starts to slookat me and asking in quite an anxious tone that I should help. Thus at this point I had to get out of bed. Mark eventually organised himself and left,. He did something really sweet after he left he sent me a text saying good morning because he did not get a chance to say to me when he had woke up. I felt more special when I saw the text.

I went to work later in the day. Then I returned home quite soon as I had to be at hte house to receive a delivery. Anyway I had to go the dentist today. The time at the dentist was very brief , which was good. Mark had an appointment with the dentist as well. His appointment was half hour later than my, hence we were bith at the dentist at hte same time.

We left the dentist, while onthe way home we bought some food products for dinner(food cooked already). we had dinner together in the apartment. It was lovely. Now Iam off to bed.As Ia ma a little exhausted.

Talk soon

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Peculiar Day

Today started out with me and Mark arguing.He was annoyed with me because I referred to him his as being inexpensive. He woke with the same thought. MAking it quite obvious that he had been annoyed with me from Saturday night.

He kissed me good buy as he left to attend his course. I was in bed for another half. I became a little upset with myself for some decision I had made recently. Any left to to go to meet Mark to have lunch. the bus arrrived quite late hence it became too late to go and have lunch. I returned home.

After returning home I started to make preparations for dinner.During which I called my uncle and cousin. ME and my cousin had a long chat , a
as we normally would do.

Mark arived home and we went out for vegetarian meal dinner.

I am feeling very sleepy .Have to go bed take care.

Chat soon.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Beautiful Day

This morning I woke in the most passionate, sexy and loving manner. I am turning in the bed, the first person I felt and smell was Mark.I kissed him on the lips then every where else in an erotic way. We made love it was very beautiful, pleasurable, we were both on cloud 9 for at least 30minutes. Our lovemaking was slow, gentle, passionate, and surreal. It was fantastic. Our eyes were finally open and the sun was coming through the window.It was beautiful. We laid in bed for a while silently,while gently caressed Marks body.

It was then time for Mark to his course. It's the last weekend of his course. Any way Mark left the apartment, he was feeling quite chuffed with breakfast he had received.

Of course at this point I was still in bed, thus I fell asleep . I, then woke up at about 11oo.
I created an agenda of the items I need address during the day. First on my agenda was the apartment, it needed a good cleaning. That I did. Between doing that I called my aunt, friend and my cousin. It was quite enjoyable to speak to all of them. I had also sent about 6 CV's to different companies.

Finally I finished cleaning the apartment. Then I polished my nails, painted my toes in pink and my nails in natural colour. After which , I then brought the laundry bag to the launderette, which I will collect on Monday. I was then back in the apartment, I began to listen to Qweens greatest hits: They are one of my favourite bands. Abba is my favourite.

I am now just relaxing. I will go out for a pizza tonight. Afterall its Saturday night and have been in the apartment pretty much most of the day.

I got to go now. Talk soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A Fair Day

This morning when I woke up I was coughing a lot. I was feeling very exhausted from constant coughing throughout the night.

Anyway I had the determination to beat the flu, so decided, to go to work anyhow. My partner Mark was quite surprised that I going to work. It was now about 8:30 and mark kissed me before he left for work. At this point I was still lying in bed getting as much rest as I can possibly get before I have to get out of the bed.

Its 9:00 I finally stumbled out of the bed and straight, after that I was on my way to work at 1000.
Work was fun, students were very keen on learning, its good when you teach adults. They are keen because they are paying their way or their company is, eitherway they are paying for it directly or indirectly.

It's my boss' birthday, had a taste of her cake, it was very nice , quite heavy.

When for interview, it went well, felt ok. I think I got the job.

A new item of furniture was delivered. Mark sent me text to ask if the men had brought the closet up to the room of course I jokingly told him that it was left downstairs, Surprisingly he had believed me. He claimed he rang the furniture company to give out to them and told me that the people had insulted him.I don't believe that he had rang them. Anyway I will find out when he comes home. he should be home in 5 minutes .He is here now.He comes over and gives me a kiss.

Incredible my flu is has nearly left me.I am feeling so much better. Amazing to know what self belief and optimism can do for your health. I had told myself this morning that I had to get rid of the flu.

Anyway got to go now. Talk to you tomorrow.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ben Johnson Day

Today's Thursday. Its now 11pm and am feeling very well. Today has been a great day because I have a loving partner, have a beautiful family. I am very grateful for this.

My partner Mark kissed me goodbye as he does when he is leaving for work. Then I was on the net for a while. I, then prepared myself for work. AS I walk to work I notice how beautiful the people are, they are very sensual and warm. I am on the subway now its very busy and I am standing, however, would appreciate a seat. But I am sure everyone seated was saying the same before they were seated. Anyway I observe the people, some smiling and talking and others observing as I was. I get off the subway and head for the street. Ooh, above the ground again. I continue my journey to work, and as walk I notice a woman, about 55years, her face obviously plastic, she looks very happy. I see builders working really hard.

I arrive to work.

I, then leave work as its time to return home.

I am at home now and writing. I am little exhausted so will stop for tonight.

Chat soon